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UKBFF Bikini Athlete 2016

Rachel Evans is a UKBFF Bikini Athlete 2016 and has competed in this federation since 2013 to 2016 in her 4th year.

Having competed on the UKBFF stage in a total of 13 shows over three years, Rachel is a Harlequin Bikini sponsored athlete and ProGrips UK sponsored athlete and wears ProGrips wrist straps and support straps for her gruelling double training sessions 5 days a week.

Rachel wears Swarovski crystal bespoke bikinis by Harlequin Bikinis on stage.


Recently, 2015 saw Rachel step on stage as one of the first athletes to compete in the Masters Bikini-Fitness class for 0ver 35's.


" I am excited to grow and make progress on stage competing in the UKBFF and its a journey alongside other athletes. "

The Official Flex Magazine Online publish the competition photos ."


please see www.ukbff.co.uk website for News, updates and competitons.


Bikini Athlete - On stage Photos by Christopher Bailey, Bailey Image and Eric Guy 2015

Fitness Model studio shoot pics by Anthony Chia-Bradley 2014

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Pictures credits courtesy of

Christopher Bailey Flex Online.

Eric Guy (BoxingVids on Youtube)

Anthony Chia Bradley

Flex Magazine online & SmugMug


august on stage 1 ON STAGE UKBFF KENT 1 EG rachel english ukbff grand prix stage 2 ukbff kent me EG rear pose ukbff kent 2015 pic EG beauty bikini shot zzz backstage 2 zzz rear 1 zzz backstage 4 zzz backstage 3 crop Rachel Evans UKBFF Bikini athlete side pose 2