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OMG MY BARBIE BODY CHANNEL FIVE  Rachel is currently appearing on TV. Please see Channel Five and My5 website to watch the show.

Rachel is known across the world as a Human Doll, and like Barbie, with her 15 year face and body transformation in the news headlines across the world, in every language and country.


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Rachel Evans in PEOPLE Espanol Celebrity Magazine June 2017, she has recently appeared in the world news headlines and wishes to thank Channel Five. On the back of the TV show, Rachel's life story and doll body Barbie-like image has appeared in every language and country documenting Rachel's 15 year face and body transformation. Whilst attending a party in Madrid, the same week the show aired Rachel was photographed by the Spanish paparazzi. Photo credit Getty Images. Rachel has become known across the world as a Human Doll, and like Barbie.

Rachel graced the cover of Novy Cas Solvakia magazine with her EXCLUSIVE interview. Print and digital.

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