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Celebrity Botched Bodies 2016

Rachel Evans "I AM Barbie" hit the UK and global news headlines as a Human Doll like Barbie, in the Daily Mail Online interview (January 2016 and October 2016) talking about her face and body transformation to a Human Doll after her 20's spent as a black haired Goth. Click on images for link to press interview full story.

When Rachel appeared as cast member on Celebrity Botched Bodies, Series 2 Ep5, Channel Five, October 2016, her story went viral and subsequently hit the news headlines worldwide in every country. She spoke on positive body image and her life journey to date from child to adult, her body and face 15 year transformation into a Human Doll, just like the Barbie figure.

Rachel's 15 year transformation has seen her regularly have cosmetic procedures on her face, and her 5 day a week bikini athlete gym training sessions to maintain her tiny size 8 body.


Rachel has become known as the "I AM Barbie' human doll, after the TV interview on Celebrity Botched Bodies 2016, CHANNEL FIVE The pictures went worldwide in news headlines and the hashtag #IAMBarbie went viral in news worldwide UK, USA, Eastern Europe, Australia,Europe, Asia, China, Hong Kong, Nigeria, UK - The Star, The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Mail Australia, USA Detroit Star, Arizona Herald, MSN News.

Photo credits- Photographer Paul White & Rachel's Instagram photos


Rachel says "I was filmed for a couple of days in my life and my segments on the show were to reflect a positive body image and how I have transformed my body and face into Barbie-like over a 15 year period. Now I just have to maintain the look and have regular procedures to maintain the look I love."

On TV Celebrity Botched Bodies Channel Five, Rachel's on camera interviews and footage reflected how she looks and feels her authentic self  "I AM Barbie" image. The show segments covered Rachel's life from childhood to teens through to her gothic twenties, an image she "killed off" to transition into a real-life Human Doll inspired by Barbie. The transition began in Rachel's early 30's when she set about cosmetic procedures in her quest to perfect her Barbie image. With her Human-Doll body proporitons Rachel felt more authentic looking like Barbie, and her face has been injected to perfect the plastic doll look "every inch of my face has been injected" says Rachel.


The same day the show aired and the following days after, for a week Rachel's photos went around the world news headlines, "To see my pictures and story in the TV News and mainstream news headlines - alongside Russia WW3 President Putin headlines was surreal but awesome."



In 2014, Rachel was back dating after a failed relationship and received a phone call from TV Producers at Channel Four TV. Rachel was asked 3 times to be in the TV show First Dates. Rachel said no twice to appearing on Series 1, but the third time she agreed to be on Series 2.

After appearing on Award-winning TV Channel Five hit TV reality show First Dates, in 2014, famously single Rachel is on the lookout for her "Ken" and VLogs on her dating life with updates for her Youtube channel. Rachel's episode was chosen for the Channel 5 TV TOP PICKS 2015 video compilation. The episode is still currently showing on Demand TV.



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