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The Sun newspaper

Rachel Evans appeared in The Sun Newspaper as body double to Charlize Theron Hollywood Star in 2013.

Sprayed gold naked, Rachel spent 4 hours in hair and makeup and modelled the iconic advert pose that Charlize Theron made famous a few years ago and still is used on billboards today for the Dior perfume J'Adore.

"I loved being body confident and naked in the photoshoot. It sends messages to the world that I am OK with my body and beauty should be something admired not hated on."

Body confidence and self-esteem is a big part of what I am famous for having done ten years of media interviews in the global press. So when I was asked to do the shoot and be body double as Charlize Theron I was flattered and the night before I spent a few hours COPYING the pose until i had it NAILED.

The next morning a car driver arrived to take me to The Sun studios and I was in hair and makeup for four hours. The body gold spray paint took about two hours to apply. "

"I am OK with nakedness when it is done tastefully and to send the RIGHT MESSAGE to the public about body confidence.

I believe when you love yourself and your face and body even with little imperfections-that is beautiful."



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