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Valentines Day Date was one of the most romantic if not THE most romantic dates I ever had. In comparison, not even the ex-fiance Mr.Businessman Ego could match this date. It was what evey woman dreams of.


Valentine’s Day Date 3 with Mr.VIP Security Blew Me Away.It was Magical Romance


A week before he sent a text to- me by phone Mr.VIP Security had asked me

“The hotel staff told me they found a ring under the hotel bed and asked if it was yours. Did you lose a ring? And if so what SIZE are you?”

“No I didn’t lose a ring.” I text him. Then I told him my ring size.”

It did not occur to me that this was a fake query and he just wanted information on my ring size. I had only been on a two dates with him, so there was NO WAY he was ring shopping.

On the date 3 he had booked another Hotel Spa weekend as it was Valentine’s Day Spa weekend celebration. Even though he was working on the day itself. So we celebrated it later on.

I arrived mid-afternoon and checked into the hotel.

In the hotel room, within five minutes of me sitting down on the bed, he got down on ONE KNEE and held a box.

“Holy crap! He is not going to PROPOSE IS HE??” Inside my head -I was scared, nervous and in a weird way, excited. In my heart I looked at his beautiful face and sexy eyes, beaming Hollywood white perfect teeth smile and thought “OMG”


"Rachel I know it’s not been long but I really want you to have this."


He presented the box. I opened it my heart racing faster than the speed of light. It was a silver ring with a diamante stone. Or a white gold ring with a diamond. It CAN’T BE? I am thinking.


I presumed it was a silver ring with a cubic zirconia, and said

“Ah that’s SOO sweet of you I LOVE SILVER aw! Thank you.” Then placed the box next to the TV like you know, he had just given me a cup of tea and I was putting the cup down. NO DRAMATIC REACTION I am thinking. Then I carried on talking and he gave me the Valentine’s Day card and a few other teeny little gifts: evil eye charm, red hearts, packet of Love Heart sweets and some OUD Arabic Incense he knew I liked.

I was thinking to myself: THANK GOD IT IS NOT AN ENGAGEMENT RING. (I had Vowed to be Married To Myself, remember in 2013).

I hope you like it, its a PROMISE RING" Mr.VIP Security told me.

I smiled and hugged him. He looked less nervous and relaxed now.


We sat chatting for a bit then he said he was going home (local in Windsor) and would let me “have some me time to get ready” in the hotel. He left and it was early evening I had a couple of hours to chill and then get ready. It was almost like a routine now, the second Saturday in a row (with 2 weeks in between date 2 & 3) having the Spa hotel weekend trip.


When Mr.VIP Security left the hotel I was thinking how sweet this guy was. Could I be falling in love with him? It was only Date 3. I mean that’s so sweet and thoughtful to give me a “promise ring” on date 3. Unusual yes. But sweet from the heart. I felt he was genuinely falling for me or something.

I got ready, had a shower and did my own hair and make-up. I wore my purple pencil skirt and a black top. High heels so I walked with a Marilyn Munroe wiggle. Or so it felt. You know, like in the movie where she is on the train station platform, and the two Hollywood actors watch her walk away. Anyway, I always felt sexy and feminine in this pencil skirt that was so tight, I could not WALK but WIGGLED instead. Getting into cars was tricky. More of that later.


I watched MTV sang a few songs and got into the Romance mood for this Date 3 Valentine’s Day date.


He turned up pronto on time again and he met me on reception. This time, he was waiting inside his car and got out to greet and kiss me and do the gentlemanly car-opening of the door thingy. He was wearing a dark suit again and looked amazing.


I remembered that I COULD NOT MOVE PROPERLY in this Romeo Gigli tighter than tight pencil skirt. So I plonked my bottom down on the car seat, as delicately as I could then slid my two feet into the car. I kind of slithered onto the seat. I learned it as a model years ago. How to move in a lady-like fashion when wearing fashion items restrictive.

He drove us to the restaurant and again the Maître D was waiting, greeted us like Royalty and ushered us to the table. The same table we had on Date 2.


I kind of liked that familiar feeling. It made me feel very much like an established couple. But we were not. I reminded myself OVER AND OVER again.

My dating rules go like this: on the first few dates, don’t get ahead of yourself and think you are an item. Let the guy EARN the status. DO NOT GIVE IT AWAY FREELY. You know why? He will wonder WHO ELSE you have given yourself to SO QUICKLY.


Even though we had not been intimate, no way Jose! I still wanted to go slow I thought at the table.

The conversation was more smiles and looking into each other’s eyes. We ate and laughed, he talked A LOT about his work with the Arab Royals he body guarded. For privacy I won’t say much.


Okay, I will.


One of the Arab Princesses was at University and on breaks; he would travel the world with her as close protection. One Caribbean trip he told me about was weird. He told me how she was moody and on the beach ordered him to go get “a factor 50 xyx brand and nothing else”.


I wondered why this was so painful for him to recount as a story. He got quite sad looking talking about it.


“You know she is such a pampered spoilt brat Princess that I could not fucking find that single brand of SPF Factor sun screen. All day I looked around. I could not find it. She would have been very displeased if I returned WITHOUT IT. “


I asked him what he did. Did he find one?


"Yes I found one. Several hours later, and a few favours called in" he told me.


We both ate a mixed plate of Moroccan foods, little tasters. That turned into a massive meal. Good job I was on "cheat meal" night. I ate the chicken wraps, the salad and some other stuff. All healthy as I did not want to have a bloated stomach with my lovely tight pencil skirt on. Nope. The bloated look IS NOT A GOOD LOOK when wearing a pencil skirt.


I recall thinking how in such detail he was able to vividly relive a work body guarding situation he was involved in. Good

memory. Mr.VIP Security he had to be.


Then he told me other top Hollywood stars that he worked for as bodyguard. Very well-known names. I was like, OMG. Really.

I tried to be discreet and not interrogate him with my journalist hat on. I was feminine Rachel, just a good listener; let him get it off his chest. Admire his teeth. His eyes, his smile. And just flirt basically.


He made me feel feminine again, after a LONG TIME OF MY HEART BEING ON ICE -feeling like a freezer ice-box.  I started to think how nice it was just to LISTEN to a man chat away and not care what he was talking about. He could have been saying “Rhubarb Rhubarb” and I would have liked it just the same.


Is that what happily smug-married couples call love then? When it’s just all about BEING TOGETHER. Not what the person is saying or doing. JUST BEING.


(I felt a flashback to First Dates when I told the TV producers that “It is more about the ENERGY of a man I am looking for and attracted to. “THE AURA” I had said on NATIONAL TV.


Was I falling in love with Mr.VIP Security’s AURA?”


Time passed and I felt closer to Mr.VIP Security. We thanked eveyone and left the restaurant.


“I’m so glad you wore the ring Rachel” Mr VIP Security told me as we walked hand in hand along the road back to his car.

He had not mentioned it over dinner. Thank goodness.


I smiled. He stopped us walking and bear-hugged me. I giggled and felt my chest up against his. OMG how sexy is he I thought. I was very attracted to him. It was ELECTRIC.


I told myself in the head, to calm the fxxk down and not get excited. I was turned on by him and whenever that happens I go quiet and do not speak. For love or money you cannot get a word out of me for a while when I find a guy sexually attractive.


We got into his car and the journey back was music and very subdued. I was wondering what he was thinking. I was wondering, is he wondering what I’m thinking? Then I MENTALLY SMACKED MYSELF for thinking that. It was WAY TOO ANALYTICAL.


I did wonder if he was going to you know, make a move to try to be intimate. The car pulled up outside the hotel. He sat. I sat. We looked at each other. My voice went up an extra octave and the words came out like I was strangled


“Erm, okay well thank you for a lovely evening and I will see you tomorrow” I blurted out.


He smiled. SAID NOTHING. Intimidating or what I thought. So I sat and smiled then LOOKED BACK AT HIM. I said NOTHING.

Those few seconds seemed like forever and he just looked at me leaned over and kissed me ON THE CHEEKS


“Goodnight Miss Rachel Evans and I shall see you tomorrow 11am” he said softly.


Sexy voice I am totally thinking.




He leaned over and kissed me. I swear I FELT THE STARS SHOOT OUT OF THE SKY AND DANCE AROUND ME.

Breathless, I looked into his eyes when the kiss was over. It was a sweet non-tongue kiss. Just a smackaroo pouty kiss on the lips but held there just enough time to count as lingering.


I got out of the car and didn’t look back as he drove off. I walked into reception and noticed the reception girls STARING AT ME. I wondered why as I walked by and smiled politely.


I got into the hotel lift. Then it HIT ME. They thought we were a couple! They are thinking “how comes she’s on her own?


Mm. It made me think. I don’t normally analyse things. I hate that. But it got me thinking. On our Second Date, he had waved over his shoulder upon greeting me, to those two reception girls.


I wondered if they knew each other from just his work. He did say on the First Date that he had to “call in a few favours” for us to get a good room at this Windsor Hotel Spa.


I got into the hotel room and was so sad he was not with me. I felt like a part of me was missing. But I was so happy that we both managed to stay cool and not sleep together. We knew the sparks were ignited. But we both never knew just when those sparks would become A FIRE. A raging fire of PASSION. I had thought and wondered what it WAS LIKE to sleep with and be intimate with Mr.VIP Security. But there was NO WAY I was going to act on my feelings of attraction to him I thought. Not on Date 3. So tomorrow -The Sunday therefore -was really Date 4. Breakfast Brunch and Hanging out at the Hotel Spa. Dating two days in a row. Nope. It was still Date 3.


These were my last thoughts as I undressed and before falling asleep.


I got into bed and loved the smell of fresh bed linen that smell that hotels have it’s not like home. I fell asleep so quickly that I heard a text come through but fell asleep and did not answer it.


I woke up the next morning at 7.30, the alarm went off but I dozed back off knowing I had till 9.30 for a lie in then would meet Mr.VIP Security back in the hotel lobby to have brunch then go to the spa & Jacuzzi.

Yay! I thought as I started to wake up. Best Foot Forward. I am in my element wearing a bikini I thought. I was going to see his body properly for the FIRST TIME. In trunks of course. And he was going to see MINE. He had seen copious amounts of my pictures online and in the press of my bikini body and bikini athlete interviews. So why WAS I so excited. He had seen it before. Well not quite, I REMINDED MYSELF.

And in the flesh is ALWAYS so different to looking at a photo.



Mr.VIP Security - The Valentines Date 3


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