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The second date with Mr. VIP Security was intoxicating. 

He had invited me and had arranged a weekend hotel spa date. I agreed after he told me he would book the room “just for you to have some me time to yourself after the date. I will meet you the next morning and we can go to the spa Sunday after breakfast.”

I was confused and though “uh oh”

“I just want to let you know I like to take things slowly and if that’s okay with you.”

“OF COURSE “he replied and told me not to worry. He said he knew the hotel staff who owed him “a few favours”

“Ah I SEE. Are they people you work with when body guarding then?”

Yes he told me.

So I agreed to meet him the following Saturday afternoon (after I finished work at the Medical Cosmetic Clinic morning shift) at this five star Windsor Hotel Spa.

On dates I told him that I "date safely” and that I always let two people – one family member and one friend KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I AM AND WHOM IM WITH.

He knew I was not willing to take any risks and told me that was ok as he understood, being a VIP Security bodyguard.


I drove down the M25 onto Windsor and arrived at the hotel reception where they gave me the hotel key. I went up the lift and straight into the room. It was around 5pm and I had time to get ready for 7.30 pick-up for the dinner date.

I text him I had arrived at t hotel safely and he said “see you at 7.30 xxx”

I took a shower and rested with a cup of tea, TV music channel on and then I started the date ritual of getting ready.

I loved this part of going on a date. The getting ready part for me was the best. The make up going on freshly applied. Hair washed and styled wavy. I felt good.


I was also hoping that speaks would fly. I already liked the sound of his voice which was deep and sexy. I don’t give my heart away that quick. I have ways to suppress instant feelings and use my head over my heart in the early days of dating and getting to know someone. It’s important that the lust does not get in the way. And do you know how HARD that can be. I am more of a slow burner candle rather than the Boom-boom fireworks.

I got ready like a nervous school girl that night and wore my best CelebBoutique Bandage sexy body con dress. Cleavage on show-but I looked tasteful.


My Date Night Outfit Rule is NEVER show legs and cleavage- just one major sexy body part. That’s if I am wearing a dress. If its jeans they must be glute-enhancing and flattering. No ‘boyfriend’ jeans.  Ugh. I am always feminine on a date. It’s important to allow my feline side to come out to play. Then I get into the mood of BEING ON A DATE.


The night before I had exfoliated and shaved, and applied fake tan. A bronzed glow is important to me. I did not want to wear any tights (okay for winter). I kept my make-up dark smoky eyes and pink lips. I felt and looked good.


Before leaving I took a selfie. Okay. I lay on the hotel bed and took advantage of the soft modern lighting which was very self-friendly. I took quite a lot of selfies. I always do. I wore my favourite tan nude snakeskin leather Kurt Geiger Heels from Selfridges which were great and neutral to match the pink bandage dress I wore.


The hotel was modern minimalist and very 5-Star. Nice. I sat on the bed and thought about whether my date was going to be early, on time or late. He was prompt and at exactly 7.30 pm a text came through from him “I’m downstairs in the lobby at reception see you shortly (smiley face emoticon)”.


I took a deep breath. We were about to meet for the second time. He had told me on our first date that date 2 was “really the

first date proper” as date 1 was brief introduction to see if we liked the look of each other for another date. Yes. True.

The hotel room was hot and I was so nervous that I started to sweat. Oh no I am thinking and ran to the bathroom to spritz more deodorant under my smooth hair-free armpits. I hated that. It stung. Open pores, ouch! Nervous sweat. Ruins the dress and I didn’t want any unsightly deodorant white marks on the armpit of my bandage dress. I grabbed my gold Karen Millen cardigan. It was a going out cardigan. You know not any dodgy boring cardigan. This one had sparkly material which shouted “This is no boring cardigan. It is for going out to nice places”. I don’t like knitwear and can tell you I do NOT own any jumpers. I live in sporty athlete fitness wear so have many hoodies. I digress. Back to the date.

Hair and make-up looks great. Check. Dress looks great. Check. Heels look fab. Check. Lastly I grabbed my Louis Vuitton pink Daimler barrel bag which I so loved. Very Barbie. Checked my make up, lipstick and a few pieces and threw inside my I-phone plus hotel room key.


I took the lift two levels down to meet Mr.VIP Security at reception. I was still very nervous and excited. I tried to act cool but this usually means tripping over something. But this time I was okay. Final lift mirror lipstick checks and the doors opened on ground floor level. I turned right and within a few steps was there. At reception. And there he was. Standing at the revolving doors waiting to greet me. He smiled. My heart melted and jumped into my mouth. He kissed me on both cheeks.


“Hi Rachel” he said to me


“Hi nice to see you again.” I giggled.  


He took my hand, waved over his shoulder at the reception girl and we went through the revolving doors, TOGETHER and his car was waiting. It looked very smooth. Very well thought out. He opened his car door passenger seat side for me to get in. I SLID INTO THE SEAT. BUM FIRST then legs. He smiled and I noticed he was checking out my Kurt Geiger snakeskin tan high heels. He closed the car door and walked round to the driver side. He got in.


Now you know that intimate space a car has when two people sit in the front together. On a date. Yes. I LOVE THAT. It’s so intimate and you can really feel the guy’s energy. And you can check out his legs. I tried not to but couldn’t help it.

Mr.VIP Security was wearing his blue pinstripe suit, pink shirt and polished black leather heeled shoes. The perfect date outfit on a guy I like. How DID he know?


He drove off and I noticed his uber-calm softly spoken voice. Very modulated very in control. Maybe it was a driver seat thing. Or maybe it was just his sexy voice.

I liked Mr.VIP Security A LOT. He explained that he had booked a reservation at his favourite local Windsor Moroccan restaurant and if I did not like it we could go elsewhere.


I told him “I love Moroccan”. He smiled. I then noticed he was chewing gum. Well not exactly chewing cow-like munch munch but I glimpsed the gum at the back of his teeth.

I chose not to look hard. One of my pet dislikes is gum. People chewing gum. Maybe that’s why his teeth are always so sparkly clean and white. Maybe he has oral OCD. That would be good. Like me.


We parked up and walked into the Moroccan restaurant.

Inside the Maître D nodded like he was greeting Royalty, they both stood shaking hands firmly and then and he ushered us both straight to the pre-booked table.

It was a corner table away from the crowd. How very romantic. It was a lovely intimate atmosphere and the tables were not too close to each other.


Whenever I am on dates I do NOT like people listening in to the conversation. But then again I do talk rather loud. Even my laughs are LOUD.


We were handed the menus but we didn’t bother to look. We were both staring at each other. It was like magic had been sprinkled over us by a fairy. I felt so attracted to this guy, his smile, his eyes, and his body. The menu could WAIT.

We chatted for a while and he threw lovely compliments my way


“You look so good in THAT dress” and “I like your eyes they are really shining”.

It was all very romantic.

I told him “I like your smile”


“What about the eyes” he asked boldly now flirting with me,

I giggled. He smiled his beaming smile, like he knew. Knew something beautiful was happening…..Chapter to be continued ……..

Mr.VIP Security  The Second Date

chapter 4

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