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Rachel's Dating Blog CHAPTER 3

I dated Mr.VIP Security early 2015 and he was the most beautiful man – I had ever dated in a long time. Body and face.

I was totally falling for his charms, and there were plenty. His tight toned body, tall frame and rock hard glutes with long muscular legs (he trained legs) and natural upper body muscly build was perfect for me. Sigh. Looking at his photos I imagined what he would be like in the flesh.

I know it sounds bad but I just COULD NOT HELP MYSELF thinking how ugly I thought Mr.Businessman Ego was in comparison. He did not train legs. Just upper body.

It was at that MOMENT that I had a flashback - to 2012 -and I realised just WHY Mr.Businessman Ego's own BROTHER gave him a minature "TROLL DOLL" DOLL as a gift from abroad. Awkward or what? (Which Mr.Insurance Ego kept on his bedside table. Wierd.Yes. Work that one out.


So Mr. VIP Security was incredibly 100 percent sexy in an old school way with a modern twist. He was pure class and his father was from a military background.


We dated for a few months, and it was an intoxicating mix of mid-week dinner and drinks (diet coke for me as I don’t drink alcohol) and weekend spa trips away in his favourite Winsor spa.

In fact, Mr.VIP Security was so romantic that every day he would text mde a photo of ourselves together-taken from my social media and he copied it into a framed collage of his own pics. Cute.

The romance was amazingly thought out on his part. I was NOT a big texter in between dates. I am a bit cold sometimes in the good way tha I am NOT NEEDY.


The only thing was he seemed loyal and trustworthy when I met him and was totally into me. You know like that book “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Well here’s the thing- dating Mr.VIP Security was so amazing that I totally knew he was into me.

Or so I thought? So why the two question marks?


It all started with online dating and Mr.VIP Security was guarding his OWN security that his photos showed only the sides of his hat-covered face. Photos were on a beach and the usual dressed up photos and a wedding guest in Tuxedo photo which was my favourite. From the first e-wink and email from him, I was intrigued. Reading his online dating profile had me hooked.


I had posted photos in my online dating profile hidden and available upon private request. I did not want my face plastered over any online dating site. I liked the guy to read my written profile first then make a move.


We agreed to meet on a Sunday for a country pub coffee in Kent. I was so excited but to be honest I always proceed with caution. I am wary on a first date. So this way I get to manage my own expectations and my date’s too.


I got ready for the first date and wore jeans with a black vest top and black biker leather jacket teamed with my Sergio Rossi

leather high heeled boots. Style and comfort. A bit of cleavage peeking through the open biker jacket. It was the right side of sexy-casual for a Sunday. Not too little not too much. I wore sparkly hoop earrings even though I am not jewellery sort of female. I had my light pink Guess tote bag as there was no way I was leaving the house without any pink on. I had my favourite pink BarryM pink lipstick on for colour and fake tan. My hair was wavy tongued and lots of blonde hair over my shoulders and back. My signature Biker jacket-rock–chic-Barbie look.


I got into my Black Beetle Bug car and sat like an airline pilot doing my checks.

Handbag. Check. Purse. Check. Lipstick. Check. House keys. Check. I looked into the mirror and checked the make-up was fine. Hair. Check. Okay. I was ready to go. Then in goes the car key into the ignition and I drove off. The sat nav on of course. Navigation was not my forte. I follow what I am told to do.


The afternoon drive was beautiful. It was sunshine and blue skies through the Kent countryside and a couple of very long and winding roads. No I mean REALLY long and winding roads. The sat-nav was on thank goodness. I am hopeless at following directions and get lost without it. As the sat-nav told me “You have reached your destination” I pulled up in the country pub car park and my heart was beating so fast. I parked up and text Mr.VIP Security


“I’m here just parked up”.

I got out of the car and walked to the pub entrance and literally bumped into Mr.VIP Security as he flung open the door beaming smiles to greet me. We laughed, said Hi and he kissed me on both cheeks.

As we both walked into the pub, I was already smitten with his smile and shiny white teeth. I was thinking to myself “OMG he’s so gorgeous!” He smelt nice too. That’s so sexy in a guy. I am obsessed with perfume. I really liked him. Instead of looking up at him as I normally would, I turned away as if to act cool and look around the pub nonchalantly. It gave me that extra few seconds to tell myself to stay cool and gather my composure. “Please God. Do not let me burst into a FIT of GIGGLES!” I thought.


You see, whenever I am attracted to a guy I get giggly. But when you are on a first date, the giggles can and does, make you look like a bimbo.


“Nice pub” I said. I then burst into giggles. I could not contain it. Even if when you work it out it’s only a few seconds. Those few seconds can make or break your first date impressions. But I don’t think I did any damage. He smiled beaming. Continuously. I waited for his smile to close and a more relaxed facial expression appear. It didn’t. He was evidently happy. Very happy and I smiled back and totally went red faced and felt hot and flushed. Damage done. I giggled again. More damage done. It was a nervous sweat breakout. I get it with the giggles. I had deodorant in my make up bag.


He was still smiling and said I should go sit down and he would bring the coffee drinks. I walked away from him and wondered if he was watching me walk away. The mirror over the fireplace reflected his image. I looked into the mirror. Yes Bingo! He watched me walk away. Good sign number one, he likes me.


I sat down and the wooden bench hit my glutes so hard. Ouch! No cushions how uncomfortable were that I thought. I threw my coat down and sat on it. I had trained legs and glutes that morning earlier in the gym. I was stiff, sore and walked a bit slow. Glutes doms I usually got on day 2. But I was sore already.


I was facing the fireplace and mirror and saw his reflection behind me as he walked back over to me with our drinks. He was now serious faced expression. We started chatting and the conversation flowed and was nice and easy. He noticed that I was sitting on my coat and said


“Would you like me to hang up your coat?”


“No thank you” I told him, adding “I am sitting on it as I have sore glutes from training earlier.”


He looked at me, smiled a knowing smile and laughed. Oh so you are sore then. Yes I told him.

The conversation turned to how we first swapped emails and quickly chatted on the phone. I began to get nervous again. It comes and goes. So I did something.

I switched into journalist mode and started grilling him.


“So how long have you been single? When was your last serious relationship? How long have you been internet dating? How has it been going for you?

I knew we had spoken about these subjects before so my manner of questioning him was soft approach. So when he answered

I made comments like “oh yes I recall you said” or “ah yes you mentioned that when you talked about…blah blah”

I like to show I have been a good listener on the phone conversations. But more importantly I like to put my sniffer dog hat on as a journalist and WATCH HIS BODY LANGUAGE. He passed the test and came across as genuine.


I excused myself to go to the loo. The country pub was low ceiling and very old. Probably 16th century. As I walked away from Mr.VIP Security towards the toilets I felt a shiver go across me.

Funny I thought. I then started tuning into an energy I was picking up the closer I got to the toilets. I knew what was happening. It’s happened before. I was picking up that the pub was probably HAUNTED.

I have always since a kid, picked up on dark energy or spirits. But have in my lifetime so far only seen ghost a few times. Not that much.

So I took it in my stride and kept thinking it was very cold.


I walked into the female toilets bursting for a wee. ( I drink lots of water). Straight away my eye line was drawn towards the third toilet cubicle it looked darker even though the lights were on. I shivered. I went into the middle toilet and quickly had a pee. I started to feel dark energy around me and I couldn’t pull up my jeans zip QUICK ENOUGH.

Forget the mirror-lipstick-check-hair-checks. I am OUTTA HERE I told myself. As I BOLTED OUT OF THE TOILET DOOR very quickly I felt a bad bad energy BEHIND ME. I ran out and my heart was racing as I walked through the pub eating area crossing the bar back to the seat where my date Mr.VIP Security was sitting.


My face must have been white and the bar guy said to me

“Are you okay?”


I quietly asked him if the pub was at all haunted.


“Yes it is. “


“FFS I am thinking to myself. Not now. Not on a romantic date. I DO NOT WANT TO TUNE INTO ANY SPIRITS.”


But I said to the bar guy coolly “oh really because I can feel something back there in the toilets.”


“Oh really. It’s a guy who lived and died here hundreds of years back. But it could be the old woman.”


“Great!” I am thinking now shaking.


“Oh okay then so maybe I was picking that up in there “I said as I walked over to my date Mr.VIP Security, who had a look of concern on his face.


“Sorry about that. “


“ARE YOU OKAY?” Mr.VIP Security asked me


“Yeah, I’m fine. I was just talking to the bar guys back there as the toilet was a bit spooky.”


“Oh!” he said looking quizzically back at me.




“Okay I have to tell you as I am uncomfortable. I feel a presence here. In this pub. A spirit presence and there is one right over there in the toilet and now I am feeling it here with me now-over there in that corner.”


Mr.VIP Security looked back at me and smiled.


“Oh so you can pick up on that sort of thing then?”


“Yes. Unfortunately I do. I’m really sorry but I don’t want to it just happens.”




“No don’t worry. I understand.” He told me


“You do?” I asked in disbelief.


“Yes. I get it too not that often but I know it exists.



“That’s nice of you. I am thinking this poor guy is gonna bolt on  me now!”


“No don’t be silly. So tell me what you felt.”

I recounted what happened.


“Oh yes I did see you a couple of times look over your left shoulder when we were talking.”

“My gosh, you saw that. Yes I could feel a male presence over there in the far corner. But didn’t want to say. In fact I didn’t even register I was doing it. I AM SO USED TO THESE KINDS OF THINGS!”


Mr.VIP Security smiled and talked about a couple of ghostly spirit happenings he went through as a child. I felt better. A kindred spirit. No pun intended. He really was a great guy.

“Hey –thanks for making me feel better!” I told him.

“No problem” he said.


We laughed, we joked, and we chatted for a good hour and a half. About how being single is for us. And about his work and my work. Mostly he asked me about my work the day job in the Cosmetic Clinic and my journalism as Fitness and Health Editor on the two international and UK digital lifestyle magazines.


“Oh gosh you ARE busy how do you fit it all in.”


I proceeded to tell him how I am regimental and organised


“That’s how I get things done. I use every waking hour in the day. Do the day job, the parent stuff, the gym and work from home as a journalist and with my online website Make Over Essex. Plus all the other stuff like press and interviews in the media”


He looked at me and stared. For about five seconds. It felt like ages.


“So do you have TIME for a relationship?”


I felt bad. He was zooming in on a negative. It was a veiled way to say really “you DO NOT have time for a relationship” otherwise I thought why guys ask me that question. All the time.


“Yes I do have time for a relationship. I can MAKE time for the right guy.”


"OH. Good answer." He told me.


I suddenly felt like we were CV Dating. The fluent conversation turned from natural free-flowing to investigative journalism and rapid-fire questions.


I guess that meant he liked me. Right?

More questions later the topic turned to his ex-girlfriend.


“So if you don’t mind me asking who left who in the break-up?”


He looked sad and gravely serious.


Oh no I am thinking. I have obviously hit on a raw nerve.


“Sorry if it’s uncomfortable I don’t mean to …” I said


“No its fine. “He told me


“I left her. I loved her. I really did but I had to look after my own safety.”


“Oh” I said. Then I shut up. LET HIM TALK I told myself. This way he will open up. I was not going to interrupt him in full flow. I wanted to know what happened.


“She called the police on me one night after trying to cut herself one night when drunk. I was not with her at the time. She rang me to come over that something bad had happened. So I went over and then she called the police on me. “


“Shit. Really?” I said.


ALARM BELLS WERE RINGING IN MY HEAD. Not just alarm bells. But those massive ding-dong headachy alarm bells.


“I had done nothing she told the police I did it so I was arrested and later released when she sobered up and admitted it.”


“Oh I see” I mumbled.


Now it went like this. We hit off and there were sparks of sexual attraction. Hence my giggly fits, blushing and red faced. And his beaming smiles from ear to ear. That was evident when I look back.

But the ignited sparks then turned into landmine type grenades going off in my head. Boom. Boom. Boom.

I looked back at his forlorn face and saw his sadness. I felt for him. IF HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH.

I was convinced he was telling me the truth. His body language looked genuine. Unless he was an Oscar winning actor. But he was a VIP Security Bodyguard. I believed him. For now.


“I was close to her parents and they were really good and understanding. She had a drink problem and most weekends she was drunk as a skunk. I had been in the States for a few months. I go there for work a lot and to the Caribbean.”


A few sentences later the subject turned another date.

“So Miss Evans, are we going to do a second first date?” he asked me with his charming very Hollywood white teeth sparkling back at me. How could I refuse?


“A what? A second first date?” I asked him

“Yes. You see, the first date is not really anything. So you meet to see if you want to GO ON ANOTHER DATE. So it’s really date number 2 which is the First Date”.

I wondered if he had seen me on the TV. On First Dates. I had not told him. I always kept the info on me to a bare minimum

when on a date. I wanted them to know me, rather than my public image first.


“Oh I SEE YES” I said. My voice was an octave higher. From nervousness.


“Okay yes. Let’s do a second date.”


Great he told me and we got up and left the country pub. He walked me to my car. I said bye to the five bar staff guys. One was outside. It was now dark pitch black night sky with shining stars. I always loved looking up at the stars. Then I felt my eye line drawn to my right. I shivered. The bar guy standing put side smoking looked at me and asked “



“Yes actually I do.” I told him.


Mr.VIP Security was standing in front of me as I had stopped walking to look right. He stopped and looked back at me talking to the bar guy outside.




“Okay let me see…. I can feel a male very short who is under there” I pointed to a cellar. It was the EXACT LOCATION PARALELL



“Ah yes. Then that’s HIM THEN” the bar guy outside told me referring to a spirit ghost who has haunted the pub for hundreds of years.


Great I am thinking. Just great. I so wish I never had this ability to tune into ghosts.


“Okay well thank you have a good evening “I shouted back at the bar guy outside.


Mr.VIP Security was standing just listening. I was embarrassed. I felt like some kind of WITCH. Or something. Why couldn’t the date just go smoothly and me look sexy, lovely blah blah.


I stood next to Mr.VIP Security and looked into his gorgeous eyes for the first time. You know those nervous lingering looks you do before you say goodbye to someone you are attracted to.


I felt myself melting into him as he leaned forward and hugged me. Then he kissed me on the cheek. Just one cheek.


“OKAY..ERM I will text you that I get home safely then” I muttered.


“Yes. Ok. Great. Drive safely back then.”


I walked over to my car and didn’t look back. I was DYING TO. But I thought too much too soon. And I could FEEL he wanted to kiss me. I put the car key into the ignition and looked at the sat nav and drove off with the windows open.

I couldn’t see him or his car. He had parked further up.

As I drove home down those two long and winding bumpy country badly-lit roads I put the music on loud to sing. I felt happy. Then I realised I couldn’t hear the sat nav tell me which way to go. So I turned it low. Once I hit the local roads nearer where I lived I no longer needed the sat-nav and turned the music up. Singing all the way home. Magic FM romantic ballads. Perfect.

When I arrived home safely I parked up and text Mr.VIP Security. I knew he would likely be still on the road so didn’t expect a text back.


I went into my flat and put the phone on its charger and a text came through From Mr.VIP Security.


"lovely to meet you Rachel I think You are very special cant wait to see you again. xxx"


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