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Doll in The Diner photoshoots

Rachel Evans shares her creative and artistic vision, with the series of her 'Doll in the Diner' photoshoots 2016-2017, a creative storyboard of Rachel  as herself, dressing up in her favourite Barbie-style outfits from home and working in the studio with Paul White to show her authentic image which she is known fo as a Human Doll. This is documented in her book, out now 2017 and is about two years of photoshoots and storytime chapters, the Gothic to Barbie-like doll transformation. It is a journey of self-discovery after identity crisis, teens dressing like a boy, twenties gothic and 30's doll-like transition into Rachel's Happy Place Doll alter-ego. "I Am Barbie" is her mantra and daily positive affirmation.



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