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Fitness shoot

Rachel Evans fitness studio shoot 2016 photographer credit Al Smith, London.

I was more muscular and weighed 56kg. During 2016 I tweaked my diets and training programs to get my body back to the 2013 winning bikini body shape, at 52.5 kg.

I had 4 years, one title and one award under my competetive bikini athlete belt. So during those 4 years, I had put my body through hell, training and dieting non-stop. I loved it all. But I greatly missed my tiny bikin body proportions like back in 2013, so decided to be myself and devised a nutrition and training plan to get my weight down to 52.5kg. I had put on muscle but did not like this look on me. I am 5ft 6 inches and always had a doll-like body. So I wanted to be my Barbie self, to be authentic and not go too muscular.