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Discount Supplements Athlete 2015-July 2016

Rachel Evans wrote articles as a Brand Ambassador with Discount Supplements UK from 2015 to JULY 2016. To view Rachel's Bikini Athlete profile please see below.

Discount Supplements is a leading online store for all your fitness lifestyle & gym training, workout supplements needs.

Each week and month special offers will be available and promoted online. Rachel will be promoting these offers and deals via her Youtube channel Rachel Evans Official and on all social media platforms.


Rachel will be promoting some Top brand named supplements and offers, especially your favourites like Protein shake supplements, fat burners, pre-workouts, and the popular protein bars. Rachel's favourites include Quest Protein bars in Cookie and Cream.

Self-trained and devising her own nutrition plans, Rachel must meet her nutrition requirements each day.


" To hit my protein macros each day, I use protein shakes and bars as supplements. They are great when I am super-busy on the go. I like the flavour of the Quest Bars in cookies and cream and they are an important protein supplement to my bikini athlete diet and nutrition. Every day I need to meet my Macro nutrition requirements -Protein/Carbs/Fats ratios which I have worked out to maintiain my bikini athlete body and fitness model figure."



As Bikini-Fitness Masters Athlete Rachel now competes in the UKBFF -the UK'S top bodybuilding federation which is linked internationally with the IFBB.


With one Over 35 Bikini Athlete Champion title under her belt, Rachel won Bikini Diva Champion TFE 2013 (Over 35 in her first year competing on the UK fitness stage.

" My  next challenge is that I am now competing exclusively in the UKBFF bodybuilding federation with a 4 year membership and my next bikini athlete goal is to win ( & place) as Masters Bikini-Fitness Athlete in the UKBFF.

" I am training and on diet prep with the goals to continue to improve my bikini body and physique, to get to the UKBFF British Finals Championships one day."


"At 45 I am already an established athlete - as one of the top Bikini-Fitness Masters athletes currently competing on the UK bodybuilding stage.

"I won one Bikini Champion title in 2013 and will be happy when I win a title with the UKBFF. "


As an Elite athlete and busy working mum to a teenage son Rees, aged 15 Rachel works two jobs and tries never to miss any meals.


" I am proud to be Brand Ambassador with Discount Supplements UK, which offers me all the nutritional products and supplements I need as a busy working mum, juggling work and heading to the gym to train every evening after work."

 " The fitness lifestyle is my passion and I am Health and Fitness Editor International and UK on top digital lfiestyle magazine Luxuria Lifestyle International and UK."

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April 2016 Discount Supplements - Product of the Week Efectiv Sports Nutrition Whey protein with BCAA'S - Tastes great check it out click pics below


"Every month I get the Maxi ProMax protein bars sent to me from Discount Supplements and they come in great variety of flavours. My favourite is the chocolate orange and the Lean bars in mint chocolate are great too."

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