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BodyPower Expo 2014

As SNE Sports Nutrition Europe sponsored athlete I made an appearance at BodyPowerExpo 2014 on Team SNE alongside athletes headed by men`s physique Pro Athletes Martin KJellstrom and Nelson Lopez.

Hard work in the gym and with the competiton diet prep pays off. Thank you to my sponsor SNE - it was a hounour to be one of the Elite Athletes at BodyPowerExpo 2014 for the whole 3 days and to get to meet so many awesome people who came over to take pics with me and shake my hand. Many told me they had seen my media interviews in the press and lots said they loved seeing me on TV First Dates Channel Four TV reality show earlier this year. (Series 2 EP 6, available On Demand Channel 4.

As an athlete it is very humbling just how many people at the expo came up to me to say hi.


I also met some of the big names in bodybuilding and fitness industry, photos are below. ( One of them was the legendary Rich Gaspari ).


Rachel Evans is a Harlequin Bikini sponsored athlete  

" I wish to thank Anna and the harlequin team for their dedicated support making bespoke bikinis for each of my competitions. I love the bikinis which are made to measure and my favourite has to be the Swarovski Crystal bespoke purple bikini."

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BodyPowerExpo 2014 Feature

I am fitness celebrity columnist on Luxuria Lifestyle magazine, top global digital lifetyle magazine. Click pics below to go to website

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