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After winning in her first year competing 2013 and with a total of 13 competetive stage shows under her belt to date, now in 2017 Rachel continues to do her own bikini diet preps and writes her own diets and training. As well as being a media personality, Rachel works as a freelance Lifestyle writer specialising in beauty and fitness on the world's number one digital lifestyle magazine, Luxuria Lifestyle, UK and International. She was an elite Sponsored Athlete 2013 with Harlequin Bikini for 4 years in a row. The winning year of 2013 saw Rachel appear as an athlete in the World's top Fitness Exhibition, BodyPower at the NEC Birmingham representing Team SNE Sports Nutition Europe.


During 2013 to 2016 Rachel also competed as a natural bikini athlete in the top UKBFF United Kingdom Bodybuilding Fitness Federation, linked with the IFBB, where the judging criteria is strict mandatory poses which are marked, to give the overall marks. Poses are judged from the neck down, muscular composition is important. There is no theme round and the bikini look is more muscular than other fitness shows.


By 2016, Rachel had competed in her 13th stage show, bikini competition and having reached her competetive goals, winning a show in the first year competing (2013) she continued to fly the flag for British women in fitness and notched 13 fitness shows under her competetive belt.

The bikini dieting and training continues and for 2017 Rachel is focusing on her beauty regimes, photoshoots and media interviews. 2017 started with the photoshoot to showcase her new bikini body has seen Rachel focusing on her Barbie Lifestyle of beauty and fitness.

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Rachel Evans is a competetive Bikini Athlete 2013 to 2016 and on stage won title Bikini Champion Over 35 2013 TFE. In 2014, Rachel's exclusive Daily Express interview saw her speak about how she found the courage to get herself out of a toxic relationship (ex-Fiance) in 2012 to rebuild her life. She focused on her gym regime, to train harder, 5 days a week with a strict bikini athlete diet (high protein, low carbs, low fat) in preparation for stage shows, to successfully  compete on stage to WIN the coveted bikini title, at the age of 43. Rachel won both rounds - the first round of bikini mandatory poses (front pose, side pose, transition pose, and rear pose (glutes), PLUS the fun theme round where Rachel was herself, as Barbie human doll and wore a pink outfit.

In 2014, Rachel went on to WIN again, this time "Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award".

Photographer credits Matt Marsh, Flex Magazine, Christopher Bailey, Eric Guy, Adam James Photography, Anthony Chia-Bradley.  

Bikini Champion 2013 Over 35 TFE and 2014 Outstanding Athlete of the Year Award.

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