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UKBFF Bikini Athlete Rachel Evans 2013 News  


Rachel Evans is a UKBFF Bikini-Fitness athlete and competitor, having been on stage Sunday 25th August in the UKBFF Kent Klassic show.

Pictured in the Worlds no.1 Flex Magazine Online, front and rear poses, Rachel says it was an honour.

"Thank you to John Plumber, Editorial Director of Weider Publishing and Flex Magazine UK, online for publishing my pics in the online magazine."


"Its two years competing as an athlete in the UKBFF Bikini competition which was awesome and every competitors dream to be on the UKBFF stage.

I gained the coveted competitors medal in 2013 and certificate in 2014 and even though I did not place, I made it into Flex Online magazine, two years in a row "


The United Kingdom Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (UKBFF) is affiliated to the European Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (EBFF) and the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB), which is the largest Bodybuilding and Fitness federation in the world.


Rachel looks ahead to the future and says:

"Its 2013 and I look forward to the day the UKBFF has a Masters Over 35 bikini-fitntess category. As I am proof that women over 30 can compete in Bikini. I continue to train hard and diet prep, ready for that. In the meantime I compete 2 years in a row in the younger Open Bikni category next to 20-30 year olds."


" I have always trained myself and I wish to thank the UKBFF for the opportunity, and my diet coach Sarah Bridges, who also gave me training advice. I have learned the lessons which will now guide me through future competing. My body is a work in progress. And as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, you go away after every competition and work on your weak points, which is what I am now doing. I have devised a new gruelling workout plan, designed by myself, which will take me to where I want to be. So watch this space. "


Rachel Evans UKBFF Bikini athlete competitor in Fl Rachel Evans bikini athlete ukbff, in Worlds no.1

" I wish to say a Big thank you to my sponsor Harlequin Bikini for the bespoke plain and Swarovski Crystal bikinis and heels every time I compete on stage."


During 2013-2014 I have been sent products to review for my colum in Luxuria Lifestyle magazine. I am fitness & Beauty writer.

Thank You to Helly Hansen for the sports performance wear outfit and trainers they sent me, two years in a row which i wear during training gym workouts.



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