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Rachel Evans is known in the mainstream media news as "I AM Barbie ". NEW WEBSITE www.rachelevanstv.com

I love looking like a human doll and being like Barbie is my Happy Place. So I want to welcome you into my Barbie World.

Over the last 15 years, I have transformed my face and body into Barbie. My face and body has been in the news headlines around the world, as "I AM Barbie Blonde" on the search for my Ken and the Human Doll.

All Rights Reserved 2017 Copyright Rachel Evans

Photo credits Rachel Evans, Instagram @rachel_evans_bikini, TV Channel Four First Dates, TV Channel Five Celebrity Botched Bodies, Rachel's official Barbie in the Diner Photographer Paul White.


Fitness images courtesty of Al Smith,

On stage pics courtesy of Flex Magazine Christopher Bailey, Eric Guy, Matt Marsh, Anthony Chia-Bradley, Adam James Photography.  

I love being a human Barbie, it is fun doing press interviews as myself, and a selection of my TV appearances, newspaper interviews, magazine features and online news coverage of me, are all below so just click on the images.

I have a vision of publishing my book one day, its called Barbie in the Diner and over the last two years I have been in the studio photoshoots with Paul White, my official photographer. I take outfits from my bedroom rail, and we shoot fun images of me being myself. Inspired by Barbie of course, who has her own show called Barbie in the Dreamhouse. So its a perfect name for my storyboard which I will turn into a book, one day. In the meantime, please enjoy being inspired by the images below!

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